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Wednesday, June 20

Creative Control 3.0/Godzilla Remixes!

It's halfway through the month, which means it's time for another exclamation point and youtube video filled blog post about Creative Control!

Joe McAdam, the show's host and producer, recently appeared on an episode of You, Me, Them, Everybody recorded live at saki. A beautiful piece of internet ephemera was inspired by a couple of throwaway jokes from that show about a particular track on Godzilla soundtrack. You can read more about the specifics behind the project's creation here if that's your thing.

Long story short, Joe started the Godzilla Remix Project, based on the Godzilla Remix of Green Day's "Brain Stew". It's a very funny thing that was recently featured on The Huffington Post, which is ridiculous and awesome. Joe's now taking requests via Twitter if you've got a favorite tune in mind. We're holding out for some "Sister Ray" action.

Here's some of our favorite Godzilla Remixes:
Boston: "More Than A Feeling (Godzilla Remix)"

Kelsey Grammer: "Frasier (Godzilla Remix)"

Green Day: "Brain Stew (Godzilla Remix [Godzilla Remix])"

This month's Creative Control is next Friday, June 29th at 8pm, and features standup from James Fritz, Liza Treyger, Bob Palos, and Jason Earl Folks, with music from Mar'son and a very special video from Joe McAdam. Here are some clips to get you stoked for next week!
James Fritz
An unfortunately titled video from Liza Treyger

Creative Control is next Friday, June 29th at 8pm. As always, it's BYOB, free, and open to all ages! See you then!

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