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Thursday, June 21

Pitchfork + Silver Jews = 7.1 for "Early Times"

Ah, the 90s.  What a halcyon age.  That said, one person's past is another person's future. 

Pitchfork weighed in with a 7.1 review on the "new" Silver Jews LP/CD/CAS (yes, cassette! It's the "format of young America", y'know), entitled Early Times on Drag City, which culls the band's early lo-fi 4 track work, back before we all got our Pavement back-plate tattoos....

"...the early Silver Jews' whole aesthetic was built on enforced incompleteness-- suggesting that something amazing had happened on the nights they recorded in Bob Nastanovich's living room, and that they'd just barely managed to catch enough of it on the fly to imply its glory, like a fragment of a Sappho poem."

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