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Thursday, June 28

Just Married - Kinda

"So New York City was a trip.  The family was housed in a ridiculously expensive hotel on Wall St for my brother's wedding. Lots of socializing but at least the booze was free. Got the workboots shined & polished at DIA to keep my Mom off my back... The plan was to have all the wedding guests ride in rickshaws from the Scottish Church to a catered reception in Central Park. The bride & groom got in the first one lined up outside the church, but something was wrong. My Dad & I got in the next one, and it was about 4 blocks out that we realized everyone was pointing and laughing-- I turned around and looked behind us, and saw the sign on the buggy-- "Just Married".

Great! Only in NYC. We were getting thumbs up and a lot of smiles, two silver haired guys in suits, and 20 more blocks to go... All I could think of was to go with it, and at the next light I smiled and said "He's Mitt's Boy" Vote for Romney! A few blocks later I told an old lady "I married him for his money..." My Dad was about to have a coronary. Hell of a way to start his 80th birthday."

*For many years "Uncle" Jeff Holland hosted a phenomenal country, hillbilly, psychedelic, folk and americana focused radio program. You can listen to tons of archives here.

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