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Thursday, August 16

David Rakoff's Gracious "Hobbies"

Wanted to share this tumblr that archives the personal gifts that the essayist, journalist, and actor David Rakoff generously made and gave to his friends. David Rakoff passed away last week. It's an incredible archive of his "hobbies" that are far more amazing than anything I could hope to do with my life efforts. While you're thinking about David Rakoff, take a listen to his hilarious segment "Christmas Freud" from This American Life, of which he was a frequent contributor.

Speaking of This American Life. The film "Sleepwalk With Me" by Mike Birbiglia, produced by some of the folks at TAL, will be at Chicago's Music Box Theatre on August 31 & September 1 (7 & 9:30 showings).

Kitten sad re: Radiolab Live prices
Speaking of podcasts showing up live in Chicago – Radiolab will be doing a live show at the Chicago Theatre on September 28. While I would love to hear Jab Abumrad and Robert Krulwich IRL, they're popular and, as it goes, pricey. Regardless, it is sure to be entertaining if you want to shell out the minimum $28 + $15 of service fees.

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