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Thursday, August 16

This weekend @ saki!

It feels like it's been forever since we hosted our last Epitonic saki Session. In fact, it's been about two weeks, but that feels like an eternity for us. So, we're super excited to be back at it this weekend with The Luck of Eden Hall & Bully In The Hallway!

Sure, both have Hall in their name & are from Chicago, but they play two pretty different brands of rock. LoEH leans towards the more psychedelic & progressive genre of rock music, while Bully In The Hallway present a much more angular and sometimes anthemic sound, reminiscent of 80's-90's Dischord bands and their progenitors.

It should make for a pretty awesome weekend afternoon! So grab some drinks, maybe bring a lawn chair & just camp out here all day Saturday. We'll play you some good music & you'll get to hear yourself clapping when we release the sessions on Epitonic. Good deal, right!?

***The above picture is not of the band Bully In The Hallway, but is, in fact, a picture of a bully in a hallway. Pretty creative, eh?***

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