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Monday, August 6

New Releases @ saki 8/7!!!

American Football "S/T" CD EP
Antony & The Johnsons "Cut The World"(Live) CD/LP
Apache Dropout "Bubblegum Graveyard" CD/LP
Ape School "Junior Violence" LP
Archers Of Loaf "White Trash Heroes" & "All The Nations Airports" CD/LP (re-issues)
Bad Brains "Live At CBGB's 1982" LP
Blur "S/T / "Modern Life Is Rubbish / "Parklife" LP (re-issues)
JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound "I Got High" 7''
Buffalo Killers "Dig. Sow. Love. Grow." CD/LP
Cadence Weapon "Hope In Dirt City" LP
Dead C "Harsh 70's Reality" LP
Fergus & Geronimo "Funky Was The State Of Affairs" CD/LP
Heavenly Beat "Talent" LP
The Hobbes Fanclub "Your Doubting Heart" 7''
Jacco Gardner "Where Will You Go" 7"
David Lynch & Alan Splet "Eraserhead" OST LP (deluxe reissue)
New Dawn "There's A New Dawn" LP (reissue)
One Up Downstairs "S/T" 7" (members of American Football & Owen)
Pin Group "Ambivalence" LP
Psychic Ills/Moon Duo "Split" 7''
Ramona Falls "Prophet" LP
Redd Kross "Researching The Blues" CD/LP
Spiderbags "Shake My Head" LP
Stagnant Pools "Temporary Room" LP
Taken By Trees "Dreams" LP
Teams "Love Distance" 7''
The One Up Downstairs "S/T" 7''
Woolen Kits "Shelley" 7''

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