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Tuesday, August 7

Vinnie the Intern Blog #9: A New Artist To Watch.

Mystery can add to excitement. One of the newest mysteries in music is the identity behind Captain Murphy. Some swear Captain Murphy is the moniker for the collaboration between Tyler, the Creator and Flying Lotus while others attest to it being Los Angeles rapper ZerohI am not here to solve the case. A tweet from Captain Murphy himself stated "Doesn't matter who I am. Just listen."  I agree. I love ambiguity in music. I love that I have never seen an interview with MC Ride from Death Grips or the fact that MF Doom chooses to hide his face. I am just hear to pass along that Captain Murphy is an amazing up-and-comer. 

Captain Murphy's Dulity

Captain Murphy rose to popularity through the track "Between Friends." The Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future, and Captain Murphy collaboration was released as part of [adult swim]'s Single Program. The track's instrumental is very mellow featuring three different movements with lyrically top-notch performances by Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy. Captain Murphy's rasp and deep voice (a reason for the Tyler assumptions) is distinct as he breaks into his star-making verse. "So unorthodox. Chillin' with a shaman, eating Ramen in a parking lot." His flow complements the beat well. This is easily one of my favorite tracks of the year.

Released a week prior to "Between Friends," Captain Murphy's "Mighty Morphin' Foreskin" seems to be heavily MF Doom influenced with many nods to Godzilla, Street Fighter ("I'll punch you Shoryuken or Haduken"), and even having an outro similar to something that would be heard on Operation: Doomsday stating "Planet Earth is about to be recycled." In addition to Doom, the pitch-shifted and mutated vocals are highly reminiscent of something that would be on any Odd Future track.

Released last week, "The Ritual" takes instrumental of the Madlib-esque Jay Electronica track "Dear Moleskine" produced by Just Blaze and turns it into a delightfully romp filled with debauchery and virgin sacrifice; among many other things. "Been a long time coming, I've been lost in the light, learned how to do the Dougie with the devil in the moonlight." Very Doom influenced as well, the track has yet another dialogue filled interlude before cutting back into the main beat. 

All three of these tracks are available for free from [adult swim] or by the links in both Captain Murphy's videos on Youtube. Duality will be the new album by Captain Murphy release presumptuously sometime soon. Judging by the tracks that have been release so far, it has a lot of hype to live up to. But Duality should hopefully prove to be an interesting listen. 

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