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Monday, September 17

Six Organs of Admittance / Sun Araw / Pitchfork take-over

TWO (count 'em) TWO reviews from the big brains at Pitchfork - both for recent Drag City releases - for Six Organs of Admittance's barnburner with erstwhile band mates in Comets on Fire, Ascent on LP/CD & Sun Araw's hazy exploration The Inner Treaty, also on LP/CD...read on, dear reader ~

SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE / Ascent / Pitchfork 7.5

The Six Organs of Admittance concept has always been open-ended enough to include pretty much whatever and whomever Chasny wants it to at any given time, but "Ascent" is clearly the work of a full-fledged band...it is an invigorating detour and one of the most naturally fun records in Chasny's discography.

SUN ARAW / The Inner Treaty / Pitchfork 7.0

Stallones' particular gift is creating a space where things are always either barely coming together or almost falling apart-- a space where music can sound like it's coming to life on record.

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