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Monday, September 17

Sorry, Morrissey - I enjoy it when my friends become successful.

My boyfriend and I watch Saturday Night Live every Sunday morning/afternoon (thanks to Hulu) almost like clockwork. Some weeks I wonder why we do this, maybe because it's something we've always done, maybe cause we like to make sure we catch that one sketch of the whole season that blows our minds w/ hilarity and keeps us hooked in again. (It's an election season, so hopefully there will be more than one this year).

Now I have one more reason to watch Saturday Night Live. My hometown friend, Cecily Strong, is a new cast member. Even back in Jr. High, I knew this girl was going to be famous someday, and I am ecstatic that it's become a reality. (well, relatively.) As her first bit on the show, she naturally and confidently plays a young Latina explaining the importance of the Latino vote in this election:


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