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Monday, October 15

Halloween 197BOO!: Netherfriends, Everything is Terrible!, BIGCOLOUR (as Can)

saki's dressing up as 1972 for its 3rd annual Halloween party, featuring...

BIGCOLOUR (performing selections from Can's EGE BAMYASI)
NETHERFRIENDS (performing a set composed entirely of samples from records released in 1972)
plus...EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE! presents a "Superfly Blaxploitation Horror Megamix"
Saturday, 10/27. 8pm. Free. All ages.

More info:

saki is no stranger to high-concept holiday parties, our Halloween and winter holiday parties have become cornerstones of our space's short history. In keeping with this tradition, saki is proud to announce its third annual Halloween party, entitled 197BOO! (spoken aloud, it rhymes with Nineteen-Seventy-Two! Get it??) on Saturday, October 27th.

As a sort of insane cherry on top of this alternate universe sundae, we'll be projecting a "Superfly Blaxploitation Horror Megamix," a video mixtape composed by the vintage VHS masterminds at Everything is Terrible! This hallucinatory mishmash will relentlessly tear through clips from some of the era's most ridiculous cinematic works.

Don't miss saki dressing up as 1972 for one night only, October 27th at 8pm!

Special guests include BIGCOLOUR (performing songs from Can's "Ege Bamyasi") and Netherfriends, with video art provided by Everything is Terrible! Beverages provided by 312 Urban Wheat Ale.

Just like everything at saki, the show is free and all ages.


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