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Tuesday, October 16

Vinnie the Intern #19: A White Dress and So Many Details

With the exception of  few (Wu Tang Clan's "Triumph," for example) am not a big fan of posse tracks. Usually, it becomes fairly obvious that there is not enough talent that can be dispersed through an entire song. You can imagine my dismay when I heard about the release of G.O.O.D Music's Cruel Summer compilation. Other than "To The World," a track featuring R. Kelly and some nice wordplay such "the whole world is a couch...I'm Rick James tonight" and "The Morning," I was left underwhelmed. The multi-layered, grandiose arrangements of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy were traded for overall generic beats, braggadocio verses, and repetitive hooks. This weekend, "White Dress," which will be featured on The Man With the Iron Fists Soundtrack, graced my speakers with top-notch production from the RZA and Kanye.

The Man With the Iron Fists (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Soul-inspired backing vocals, chime heavy, and a subtle yet evolving beat set perfectly under dense lyrical content from Kanye West. If it wasn't for Kanye's verses, it could easily pass for an updated version of a track on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. "White Dress" does not abide by a 16-bar format or a verse, chorus, verse structure. Instead, Kanye packs everything he can into these verses that seem to relate to his past and present relationships. The song is released along side the motion picture The Man With the Iron Fists. It is far from the intended bangers that are overrun by Cruel Summer or Watch the Throne. "White Dress" is Kanye's best in quite some time, in my opinion.

Toro y Moi - Anything In Return (Out 1/22 on Carpark Records)

Versatile in many ways, Chaz Bundwick is known for never sticking with the same style for long. After two full length studio albums, a compilation album from his 2009 demos, and an EP of new material from last fall, there has been quite a bit of variety since his first release. Over the summer Tyler, the Creator put out the unfinished demo of his collaboration with Toro y Moi titled "Hey You." It was obviously a Toro track and the unlikely pairing (even though they have worked together before) proved successful. Anything In Return will be release on January 22nd on Carpark Records. 

Toro y Moi - So Many Details - Single

Yesterday, "So Many Details" was released. A funky, grooving romp with gorgeous synths, some noticeable background "woos," and a shimmery guitar line. "What happened to the time we had?" pierces through a fuzzy synth bridge before a females voice pops in begging "I really did try." After that break, Chaz proclaims "Ok, I'll take you back." The song concludes with Bundwick stating it is not him that has a problem and the track develops into a hyper-active rhythmic section with many of the expositions passing throughout the song blending together to form a rich climax. His last full length, Underneath the Pine, tended to have repetitive, yet amazing arrangements. "So Many Details" is downright sporadic. If it is any indication, Anything In Return should prove to be an exceptional album.

I highly recommend these two songs. I hope you enjoy!

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