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Wednesday, October 10

IMBG: The International Movie Betting Game

Next Thursday, the 18th, we're presenting a game show inspired by past events we've had here at saki. It's called IMBG: The International Movie Betting Game, and is hosted by Creative Control's own Joe McAdam.

We're going to screen a terrible rock'n'roll themed movie, while pair of contestants place bets on the twists and turns depicted onscreen. They'll be advised by a panel of local comedians, who will be heckling the film throughout. There's room for audience participation, too, so be ready to shout suggestions, Price Is Right style.

You should head over to The Steamroller, a blog about the Chicago Comedy Scene that I recently started, for more info about the show.

We're currently searching for contestants, so if you're interested in playing, contact us at info@sakistore.net!

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