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Thursday, October 11


You heard right. Occasionally, the planets align TWICE in a lifetime.  Like say, when an album is released initially in 1998, then reissued with a Pitchfork 8.8 BEST NEW REISSUE stamp of approval in 2012.  What makes it so awesome, is that it's ROYAL TRUX we're talking about!  Drag City's latest offering in the Royal Trux reissue campaign, Accelerator, blows minds on either CD or LP.  Even some 14 years after it's initial release. 

See what Pitchfork think tank spouted out today ~

"Accelerator thus captures the experience of 80s kids who grew up thinking the most transformative moments in history had already passed them by, its distorted, disorienting production underscoring the impossibility of recapturing something that's long gone. Closer in spirit to Ariel Pink's phantasmagoric pop than its 90s lo-fi contemporaries, Accelerator is like an Instagram-filtered take on rock's golden age-- an attempt to recapture something authentic through knowingly artificial, premeditated means."

Let me take this opportunity to address those who ask "What is this Royal Trux you keep frothing at the mouth about?" with a very Trux-ian response....

"Is that a question?  Is that a fucking question?" 
(quote taken from Royal Trux's "The Banana Question")

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