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Tuesday, October 9

TWINS (not the movie) / Pitchfork 8.0

He makes vinyl.  

He makes cds

He even makes cassettes (the format of young America).  


His newest offering (3rd of this very year), Twins LP/CD/CAS on Drag City, hot on the heels of his 7" "The Hill", receives an 8.0 on Pitchfork today.  

See what the big brains had to say ~

" His output from the past year alone has been diverse. On Slaughterhouse (and on stage), he's an impish, thrashing apostle of hardcore and 1970s hard rock. With Hair, his collaborative album with White Fence, he angled for jam-heavy, psych-leaning rock'n'roll. Only a year ago, he delivered his 'serious' album Goodbye Bread, where he both cooed calmly and screamed about an exploding head. Impressively, all three of those albums are really good. It's a testament to Segall as a restless songwriter who can adapt to, and successfully execute, several different styles. So here we are with Twins, his third LP of 2012, which stands at the intersection of all of his recent interests."

Oh, and they go on! ~

"Twins doesn't stick to the middle or even pick a lane. It swerves, visiting territory well-tread with a perspective that feels new, and knowing Segall, he probably won't make another album that sounds like it any time soon."

Even newscasters in large American cities are hip to this, man!  

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