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Tuesday, October 9

Vinnie the Intern #18: Death Grips - NO LOVE DEEP WEB

An album cover (see the uncensored cover here) isn't always indicative of an album, but with NO LOVE DEEP WEB, it is. It became very clear very fast that this is an album that unforgivably indulged in extremes. With a punk edge and futurist mindset, the group released the album before their record label, Epic, had even heard it, released said album for free download on their soundcloud, and chose cover art of an erect penis with NO LOVE DEEP WEB scribbled on it. This was almost too daring, even for Death Grips. I was waiting to be let down. I figured that this amount of publicity was just to overcompensate for an album that was under-cooked. Fortunately, I was wrong. This 13 track blast of aggression delivered on everyone of its promises.

Death Grips - NO LOVE DEEP WEB
I will never forget catching an hour or two of sleep before the midnight (2 AM in the Midwest) release dropped. Barely being awake, I was knocked right into an alert state as distorted, percussive, bassy chaos spilled into my headphones with "Come Up and Get Me." MC Ride's voice is as strained as it has ever been as he shrieks and belts out vivid verses of being surrounded in an abandoned eight story building.

Despite it being released the same year as The Money Store, that is where comparisons can end. It is hard to believe, but the Money Store can be seen as the group's "pop" album. That batch of songs contained some of the most twisted hooks that has ever been committed to tape. See "I've Seen Footage" if you need an example.

Otherwise, we are met with grittier instrumentals, odd soundscapes, and clanking percussion from Zach Hill. This is best exemplified by "Hunger Games," a minimalist venture with some of MC Ride's best lyrics painting pictures of "neck-bones sprayin' guava." While not as catchy as The Money Store, this album does include some delicious onomatopoetic, minimal hooks, such as "W-W-W-W-W-W-Whammy" and "Pop, pop, pop, pop."

"No Love" starts in what sounds like MC Ride pounding on walls, screaming by himself in a cell or a padded room; his voice, hoarse and panicked. This song along with the beautifully arranged chorus of "Pop" remain some of the most memorable moments. "Stockton," makes references to being stuck in Stockton, California, which had the honorable distinction of making it on the Forbes America's Most Miserable Cities list, and contains another onomatopoeia filled chorus of "I'm bouncin'. Whoop Whoop."

The one-two punch of "Bass Rattle Stars Out the Sky" and "Artificial Death in the West" close out the album with a comparatively rap-centric structure. The closing line to the album"she shoot pussy through your chest you die" is surely to leave you scratching your head but if you have followed Death Grips for the past year or so, that should not be shocking.

(Taken from @deathgripz on October 5th)
This album is challenging. With no scheduled release date, who knows what the fate of this album will be. It is clear that Death Grips are bravely pushing boundaries and have the skill to back it up. The album is in every nook and cranny of the web, due to Death Grips themselves. Any fan of experimental music, regardless of genre, should at least attempt a listen. After cancelling their tour to finish NO LOVE DEEP WEB, they will pick up where they left off. On November 20 they will be at the Bottom Lounge. Hopefully I will see you all there.

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