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Sunday, November 25

Live at Lincoln Hall: La Sera opened for Father John Misty and Jeffertitti's Nile

After releasing two albums on Sub Pop's sister label Hardly Art, Goodman developed a confidence that has added luster to her live presence. Not only can she actually play her instruments-- namely the bass, but also the guitar and, thumbing illustrious riffs-- Goodman can captivate an audience with a shake and swing of her hips. 

The band played a few tracks from their debut self-titled release but mostly stuck to hits from their latest album, Sees The Light, ending with the featured track called “Love That’s Gone.” And like that “Kickball Katy” vanished off stage leaving a fleet of beating hearts fluttering with wonder.

Jeffertitti's Nile, aka Jeffertitti's Moon, aka Father John Misty's bassist opened the show.

Father John Misty played the day before at saki with The Orwell’s for their Epitonic saki session.

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