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Monday, November 26

Pitchfork interviews Ty Segall & shows the love

I'll get right to the point: Ty Segall is a busy, busy man. He's released THREE albums this year (Drag City's Hair LP/CD/CAS and Twins LP/CD/CAS, not to mention the 7"ers for The Hill and Spiders, as well as Slaughterhouse 2x10"/CD on In The Red) and is seemingly constantly on tour.  

The Mars Attacks-sized brains at Pitchfork caught up with him in a fancy feature ~ see what our modern day hero has to say...even Rockin' Rian Murphy makes an appearance:

"'The thing about rock'n'roll these days is that there’s a lot of fucking demystified greatness,' he explains while munching down a handful of fries slathered in mayo at a Toronto takeout counter. 'You gotta have someone to believe in that will not tell you anything—somebody that will not give you a single piece of information, but who looks rad and makes rad music. I mean, I would do anything to be a 12-year-old kid when Kiss’ Alive came out.'"


"'Rock'n'roll doesn’t tell you what to think and do, it makes you feel a certain way, so you do those things on your own,' says Segall. And he knows the hit-you-in-the-face factor is key to making you do those things. Twins, which Segall performed and recorded almost entirely on his own, definitely meets the standard for skronky catharsis."

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