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Tuesday, December 18

saki newsletter 12/18/12!

Hellllo fair readers of the saki newsletter! You're looking good lately. We know because we saw a lot of you this weekend and you even took a bunch of pictures of yourselves on our computer. We now own the rights to your image. If someone tattoos your face on their butt, we own that butt. Deal with it. But seriously you guys, thanks for coming to Ethan D'Ercole's opening on Friday and our Very Girl Group Christmas party on Saturday. We had a blast. We got zero work done all weekend, but we had a blast. We also want to apologize for being closed yesterday (Monday), but we had to do inventory. It's a necessary evil. To make up for it, we've got a cool new event coming up at Lincoln Hall this Thursday! It's part of LH's "3 Penny Was Here" movie series, but saki and The Steamroller have added some of our stand up comic friends to the bill! The first installment is a screening of 80's "Christmas classics" Die Hard and Gremlins with Joe McAdam, the Puterbaugh Sisters, Matt Drufke and Joe Fernandez heckling the whole way through! All of those comics have also appeared on our monthly comedy show, Creative Control, which is happening again on the 28th of this month (and the last Friday of every month)!

We've got some exciting stuff coming up in the next month and a half, so keep your eyes peeled on the saki blog. Just a little teaser though: we've got our first saki label release, Santah's You're Still A Lover EP on 12" vinyl, coming out on January 8th and we're working on throwing a little party to celebrate Santah and their record in January or early February! You can buy You're Still A Lover on CD if you prefer a plastic disc that you can scratch up in your car... We've also got some exciting in-stores and Epitonic saki Sessions coming up in January, including sessions with Chandeliers and Pink Frost, which will be recorded for sessions but will also be co-released by saki and Notes & Bolts on cassette! We're very excited to be working with N&B on this project, especially because all of these cassettes will feature Chicago bands recorded at saki! Kriss from Notes & Bolts does an amazing job finding local artists to interview on his podcast. We recommend you check out both the podcast and the label!

Ok, I think that's it for now. Don't forget to keep checking the blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. around the holidays for some special deals and updates about events at saki!

New Releases @ saki 12/18/12:

This is a very light week for new releases, in fact, there's not much to mention, so we'll just tell you that we're extending our 20% off sale on Unwound and Interpol for another week, and we're bring back Naomi Punk's The Feeling for another week because we love that gosh darn piece of vinyl... also, you can check out all of the saki employee's Best Of 2012 lists on the blog, as well as lists from some our music nerd friends in Chicago and around the world!

Naomi Punk - The Feeling CD or LP

Bringing this one back to the new release sale even though it's not so new anymore! It's just one of the best records of the year, that's all! Definitely recommended for anyone who has ever enjoyed a Ty Segall or Mikal Cronin record. Get it!

Unwound - Live Leaves CD or LP

The mighty UNWOUND return after an 11 year hiatus with a collection of live recordings from their final tour for their swan song album proper "Leaves Turn Inside You". Think of this as a gift from Unwound to you. A sonic love letter. A promise. Here's to you.

Interpol - Turn On The Bright Lights (10th Anniversary Edition) CD or LP

10 years ago, Interpol's debut seized the imagination of a generation. Their spare, lean texutures, darkly oblique lyrics and suave stage presence were entirely different from the bands who preceded them on the charts and the radio. Now fully remastered in a beautiful deluxe hardbound book w/ unreleased photos and a second disc of bonus tracks, many unreleased, plus the demos and b-sides, and a DVD

Upcoming events:

Thursday, December 20th, 7pm @ Lincoln Hall
The 3 Penny Was Here - Punch Up featuring Die Hard & Gremlins heckled by Joe McAdam, the Puterbaugh Sisters, Matt Drufke & Joe Fernandez!

Friday, December 28th @ 8pm
Creative Control w/ Joe McAdam feat. Gabe Liebowitz of Dastardly and comedy from Marty DeRosa, Cameron Gillette & more!

Saturday, January 12th @ 4pm
Notes & Bolts presents: an Epitonic saki Session w/ Chandeliers!

Sunday, January 13th @ time TBA
Epitonic saki Session w/ Pillars & Tongues and Zelienople!

Saturday, January 26th @ 4pm
Notes & Bolts presents: an Epitonic saki Session w/ Pink Frost!

Sunday, January 27th @ 3pm
In-store w/ She Speaks In Tongues and MEKILLERRUN!

Check out these new and upcoming featured releases from saki/CTD!

V/A cover art
Blasting Voice V/A
Label: Teenage Teardrop
Format: 2LP
Catalog Number: td043lp
Release Date: December 04, 2012
Double LP compiles 18 previously unreleased tracks from 17 artists, including NGUZUNGUZU, RYAN TRECARTIN, JAMES FERRARO (BODYGUARD), & TIM DEWITT (DUTCH E GERM0. The collection reaches across disparate tones & intentions w/ clunky dexterity that squares all jagged edges to right. Angelic ambient drone set flush against burning demon squall. Teen-mom GarageBand rap playfully bouncing up against blank hypnotic banger
I'll Slip Away cover art
Bradley, Charles & The Menahan Street Band/Rodriguez I'll Slip Away
Label: Light in the Attic
Format: 7"
Catalog Number: lita045-021
Release Date: November 27, 2012
CHARLES "The Screaming Eagle of Soul" BRADLEY tackles "I'll Slip Away" by one of LITA's big success stories, RODRIGUEZ. Dating back 3 years before his defining Cold Fact album, this was the Sugarman's 1967 debut single for Impact Records. In RODRIGUEZ's hands, it's shuffling, tropicalia-tinged folk. In BRADLEY's hands & backed by the inimitable MENAHAN STREET BAND, it's a vintage soul stomper. Colored vinyl w/ download. NO RETURNS
La Strega & The Cunning Man In The Smoke cover art
Drcarlsonalbion La Strega & The Cunning Man In The Smoke
Label: Latitudes
Format: CD
Catalog Number: gmt035cd
Release Date: December 18, 2012
**EXCLUSIVE!! 12/18 STREET DATE. LIMITED EDITION OF 500 from "the doom metal innovator", Dylan Carlson, the frontman of EARTH. Drcarlsonalbion sees Carlson experimenting further with field recordings as he re-renders traditional folk as well as contemporary songs with his unique drone sound. Joined by Teresa Colamonaco on vocals. NO EXPORT OUTSIDE OF NA
La Strega & The Cunning Man In The Smoke cover art
Drcarlsonalbion La Strega & The Cunning Man In The Smoke
Label: Latitudes
Format: LP
Catalog Number: gmt035lp
Release Date: December 18, 2012
**EXCLUSIVE!! 12/18 STREET DATE. LIMITED EDITION OF 500 180 gram GREEN COLOR VINYL from "the doom metal innovator", Dylan Carlson, the frontman of EARTH. NO EXPORT OUTSIDE OF NA
Do You Really Wanna Know Why Yr Still In Love With Me cover art
Joanna Gruesome Do You Really Wanna Know Why Yr Still In Love With Me
Label: Happy Happy Birthday to Me
Format: 7"
Catalog Number: hhbtm149
Release Date: November 13, 2012
Nothing is sacred and everything is permitted, even bliss, even love. In the space of five minutes, Joanna Gruesome veers from jangle to riot, from sweaters to torn stockings, from feedback to swoon. Boy-Girl high velocity terror-pop. Stuck inside of Cardiff with the London blues again, nothing to do but get loaded on candy and record a 7Ó before you get bored all over again and start shooting bb guns into the ocean. UK single sold out in pre-order. Limited to 500 copies in 2 color silkscreen sleeve
Check Your Swing cover art
Mind Over Mirrors Check Your Swing
Label: Hands In The Dark
Format: LP
Catalog Number: hitd013lp
IMPORT. 3rd album from Chicago-based Jaime Fennelly utilizes an Indian harmonium combined w/ various analogue equipment, creating pulsated, distorted melodies which shape into massive sonic mountains. Ltd to 300 w/ download
Wild One cover art
North Highlands Wild One
Label: BLVD
Format: LP
Catalog Number: blvd007lp
Wild One is the bandÕs debut full-length, constructed by Malvini and her band, which demonstrates a proficiency seldom heard on the Brooklyn indie rock circuit. Fortunately, this is a group that knows how to juggle the technical gifts at its disposal and the emotional application needed to make this something more than an exercise in indie navel-gazing. Wild One might seem like an inappropriate banner to hoist over such quotidian surface structures, but dig a little deeper and it clearly represents this bandÕs desire to shake things up every once in a while. -Pitchfork
Rock And Roll Revolution cover art
Paranoid Visions Rock And Roll Revolution
Label: Louder Than War
Format: 7"
Catalog Number: ltw007
Release Date: December 18, 2012
**EXCLUSIVE!! 12/18 STREET DATE. VINYL ONLY RELEASE. Retaining the fire & the fury of punk rock but dashing it with an experimental spirit, Paranoid Visions are living proof that stretching the punk template still exists. A-Side feat. STEVE IGNORANT (CRASS). B-Side features John Robb (GOLDBLADE). NO EXPORT OUTSIDE OF NA
If you are interested in our exclusives please check out our list of exclusively distributed labels. Good stuff, cheap and available a week before other online retailers!
Thanks for your interest, direct any questions, comments, accolades, or complaints to info@sakistore.net!

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