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Tuesday, December 18

saki/CTD & friends Best Of 2012 lists!

Oh, year-end best of lists - they're something only the music-nerdiest among us can truly love... well, we are them, they are us. Let's do this! Click the links below to check out all of our employee's best of lists, as well as a whole slew of lists from some of our friends in and around the music biz in Chicago and around the whole mother lovin' world!

saki/CTD employee's Best Of 2012

Friends of saki/CTD Best Of 2012

You will also be able to find these lists at the top of our blog sidebar (over there >>>) for the foreseeable future. We will continue to add friends' lists as they are sent to us, so check back for awesome recommendations from people who listen to way too much music than is healthy for their social lives year in and year out!

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