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Monday, December 3

Vinnie the Intern #28: Top 50 Songs of 2012 (50-41)

Happy Monday night! Here is the first of five installments going through my favorite songs of the 2012. You can expect one a day until Friday. Hope you enjoy.

50. Reptar - "Sebastian" - Body Faucet
Sounding as if Vampire Weekend was playing with Issac Brock who was doing his best Ezra Koenig impression, "Sebastian" is an angular, stop start blast of fun.  

49. T.I. Feat. Andre 3000 - "Sorry" - Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head
Odd. I don't even like T.I., so why would this be on the list? Andre 3000. Need I say more? If so, this is easily his best verse that he has spit since 2007's Outkast/UGK collaboration on "Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)."

48. Say Anything - "Say Anything" - Anarchy, My Dear
I will always defend my love for Say Anything (not that I really feel I even have to). They have proven time and time again that they completely transcend the pop-punk label. If you don't believe me, check out the last minute. Bouncy, rhythmic, and utterly catchy. Their eponymous titled song shows that no one other than Max Bemis can write a pop tune like that.

48. Soda Bomb - "Damn, Dude" - Hooligan
A brutal blast of punk that is as rocking as it is sloppy. Regardless, I love the energy of this track. It is in line with early 2000s punk aesthetic.Think if Blink 182 had balls and/or fuzz pedals. Sound intriguing? Check it out.

47. Dan Deacon - "True Thrush" - America
Dan Deacon's newest release, America, took us through Manifest Destiny and the building of the railroad but "True Thrush" is the real gem. This glitchy, fuzzy electronic blend of sweet sounds is why Dan Deacon is so beloved to electronic fans.  

46. Meek Mill Feat. Drake and Jeremih - "Amen" - Dreams and Nightmares
Philly rapper Meek Mill has some great mic skills. His great lines would be enough to make it a memorable track, but the real standout is his delivery: "Hater, I'd be doing me, you all should be doing y'all" screams Meek Mill. Add a couple jabs at G.O.O.D Music and it makes it a great rap track.  

45. The xx - "Angels" - Coexist
Sporting a sparse and growing beat as most xx tracks do, "Angels" is the standout from Coexist featuring a crackling snare and beautifully frail vocals. Giving the track its time to breathe, the airiness gives a chillingly slab of sincere emotion.

44. Hot Chip - "How Do You Do?" - In Our Heads
Taking over where LCD Soundsystem left off, Hot Chip have been cultivating their electro-dance-pop for over a decade. Once the energy of this infectious chorus kicks into full swing, you can't help but wanting to get up and do something. 

43. Hodgy Beats - "Samurai" - Untitled EP
Odd Future rapper, who is still most notable for last year's appearance on Tyler, the Creator's "Sandwitches." has shown much improvement this year with his Untitled EP. "Samurai" was amongst one of the most interesting tracks ,which is saying something considering Flying Lotus produced some of the tracks, due to the fact that it sounds as if it was plucked from a Legend of Zelda soundtrack. 

42. Twin Shadow - "Five Seconds" - Confess
Trading their sounds from Forget for a more straight forward, 80s style synth-pop, "Five Seconds" exemplifies how the jump was a great success.

41. Flatbush Zombies - "Thug Waffle" - Thug Waffle - Single
Waffles, weed, and opposition to authority sums up everything about "Thug Waffle."  With a snare heavy, stark instrumental and top notch delivery, this track at times is as lyrically as spastic as an Ol' Dirty Bastard track. The video is worth checking out as well.

Check back tomorrow for 40-31!

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