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Tuesday, December 4

Weekly New Release Sale @ saki!

Each week saki will be offering a handful of new releases for 20% OFF! You can check the blog, Facebook, Twitter, or our newsletter, to find out which titles will be discounted. We'll choose 2-3 titles each week and they'll be discounted for their entire first week of release!

This week we're offering the legendary Scott Walker's latest effort, Bish Bosch, How To Dress Well's Total Loss and Captured Tracks' reissue of Naomi Punk's The Feeling!

Scott Walker - Bish Bosch CD or LP

The legendary singer & experimental musicians' latest is a tauter but more colorful experience than 'The Drift,' with greater emphasis on processed, abrasive guitars, digital keyboards and thick silences. Let's get weird!

How To Dress Well - Total Loss CD or LP

All the elements of Love Remains are still here - the noisiness, the moodiness, the layers of swarming voices - but stand alongside other complex elements: the elegant weeping arcos & pizzicatos of neo-classical music, the rude drums of trap-rap, & the sweet, special & sentimental moments of Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope are all swept up & embraced in the deep beauty of Total Loss

Naomi Punk - The Feeling CD or LP

Considering the way the music world is today, you'd expect a bunch of young Seattle dudes to get extra weird, if only because they can, but Naomi Punk take a different route, constructing brawny, anthemic rock songs that'll make every kid that hears them what to start their own band, if even half of them are this good, music will be in a pretty great place. Reissue of their original, self-released version!

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