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Monday, January 21

Release Week Hype for Speck Mountain "Badwater"

Speck Mountain's album Badwater is released tomorrow, January 22, on Carrot Top Records!! People are pretty psyched on it this week. Stream the full record at Impose.

You can come buy it at saki, or order it from Carrot Top.

Here's what folks are saying so far this week!

PopMatters - Badwater album review
“The mix of Americana dust and dream-pop gauze has never sounded this strong.”
“Balabanian’s voice ripples out in massive space over swaying guitars. on Flares or drifts over melting guitar tones on Young Eyes, and yet – while both haunt – they also feel rooted on terra firma. As does the rest of this record.”
“There’s a surprising breadth to Badwater, and a surprising energy for an album happy to wander, to drift, to sneak up on you.”

Impose Magazine - Badwater exclusive premiere! Stream the full album.
"Captivating the hearts and emotions of the music listening populous as of late has been the heavy slow drift of their single, Slow So Long.”
“The album’s bad weather gazing curtain call serves as both Badwater’s centerpiece and raison d’être that encapsulates the entire album in one song alone.”

Magnet - B-Side Run Honey Run premiere

Piccadilly Records (UK) - record of the week
“Speck Mountain’s debut LP made a huge impact at Piccadilly, now here comes their third installment of melancholy loveliness.”

The Girls Are (UK) - Badwater review
“Floats from your speakers in a dizzy haze and presents twilight mysticism and a chilled out atmosphere with every glittering note that penetrates the soundscape.”
“[Speck Mountain] has moulded a wonderful album that’s sophisticated gourmet music that’s been marinated in history’s technology that adds dense textures that sink into each other and creates a glorious nostalgia that course through the entire album.”
“I absolutely adore listening to music that’s been created through analogue techniques, I feel a sense of warmth and passion is injected into the music, which you tend to lose through digital methods”

White Board Project (UK) - Albums Round Up
“Balabanian’s voice grounds us in the bluesy-smoky Chicagoan landscape of the rest of the album, rather than the social topography os 80s Manchester.”
Badwater is a pleasant and cohesive body of work.”

Dots and Dashes (UK)  - Badwater review
"Badwater is…a breathtaking release that's as coherent as a whole as it is compelling in its every component"
"The acute time at which melancholia meets majesty, and is the enchanting sound of a band ever ascending toward the peak of their combined powers."

Seen Heard Known - Badwater review
“Speck Mountain makes one hell of an album.”
“Really brings it on this album with tight guitar riffs and a confident sound that cuts through the sweet haze.”
“Badwater is so good.”

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