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Tuesday, January 22

CALIFONE "Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People" Pitchfork 8.0

In the Better Late Than Never Department....

Pitchfork has awarded Califone's Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People 2xLP on Jealous Butcher an 8.0 review.  This release was originally issued on CD on Perishable, and was reissued with 4 extra unreleased tracks back in late 2012.

See what the kids playing catch-up at Pitchfork had to say ~

"Rutili and co. were up to something special in the final years of the 20th century. They took sonic inspiration from ancient folk 78s and Jamaican dub, along with songwriting and arrangement inspiration from Tom Waits, and came up with a fresh and affecting music that ranged from ethereal slowcore to blistering noise. In comparison to late Red Red Meat, Califone was a little quieter, a little prettier, and a little wearier. The highlights on the EPs are delicate ballads like the steel drum-inflected 'Silvermine Pictures' and the gorgeous piano-led 'Electric Fence', but spikier cuts like 'To Hush a Sick Transmission' and 'Dock Boggs' showed how they integrated clangy percussion and electronics into the mix. The rawness of this early material still resonates."

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