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Wednesday, January 9

Senorita Weiner returns!

Last fall, we hosted Senorita Weiner's Top Secret Humor Experiment and Ice Cream Social Club, a traveling comedy show produced by local standups Junior Stopka and Mike Lebovitz. It went incredibly well, the store was packed full of inebriated comedy fans plowing through pint after pint of ice cream. We were excited that it went as well as it did, and even more so when Junior and Mike asked us to have them back. Senorita Weiner returns to saki for another round of laughs and frozen dairy treats this Friday, January 11th at 8pm.

For those who might not be familiar with the two producers, Junior regularly tours with Doug Stanhope, and Mike's a producer at one of the city's best-run local comedy showcases, Comedians You Should Know. In a preview of a past SW event, Junior and Mike were christened by the Chicago Reader as "two of the scene's most unabashedly bizarre performers."

Stopka and Lebo have hand picked a lineup of some of the scene's strangest, most unique performers, including The Puterbaugh Sisterz, Bridget Clymore, Maggie Ednie, and a special top-secret surprise guest you won't want to miss. The show's totally free and open to all ages (Those interested in post-show sundaes can join the club by signing up for the Senorita Weiner email list at www.senoritaweiner.com or at the show.)

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