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Tuesday, January 22

Weekly new release sale @ saki!

Each week saki will be offering a handful of new releases for 20% OFF! You can check the blog, Facebook, Twitter, or our newsletter, to find out which titles will be discounted. We'll choose 2-3 titles each week and they'll be discounted for their entire first week of release!

This week we've got Speck Mountain's Badwater LP, Lindstrom's latest 12" and the new EP from Guided By Voices for 20% off!

Speck Mountain - Badwater CD or LP

3rd album from Chicago "ambient soul" band. If the band's 1st 2 albums sound like they were recorded underwater, their 3rd finds the band washed ashore onto a dusty, sun-bleached desert. Marie-Claire Balabanian's soulful, breathy vocals heat the record, providing the warm tonal blanket to co-writer Karl Briedrick's swirling, luminous guitars – both swelling together in search of some distant release. Lay down & watch the storm.

Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin - Reverse Shark Attack CD or LP

Reissue of their out-of-print 2009 collaboration. Maybe you didn't know Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin back then, but you better know them now!

Guided By Voices - Down By The Racetrack CD or 7" EP

This 6-song EP is the opening shot of GBV's extended 2013 campaign. Expect more to come... a lot more.

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