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Tuesday, January 22

RECAP: Pitchfork Mystical Weapons 7.0

Mystical Weapons (the super-duo comprised of Sean Lennon and Greg Saunier of Deerhoof) have received a 7.0 review on Pitchfork for their self-titled LP/CD on Chimera Music.

Do tell, Pitchfork!

"It's a 36-minute set of proggy instrumental improvisations that's fairly accessible as these things go, but certainly not the kind of thing anyone would have expected from the guy who did 'Parachute' and "Dead Meat'"...Most of the pieces are short -- nearly half are under two minutes-- and they range quite a bit in tone and feel. The most immediately gripping is 'Colony Collapse Disorder', an airy track with swelling keyboards that sounds a little like it could've been recorded in Germany in 1972. Saunier's drumming brings to mind the lose-the-groove approach of U.S. Maple, backing away every time it approaches a steady pulse. While this piece is moody and highly charged, others are sketchier or outright chaotic. 'Gross Domestic Happiness' begins agreeably, but by the time you get four minutes in, it's a screaming vortex of guitar noise, clattering percussion, and evil synthesizer."

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