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Tuesday, February 19

The Handsome Family announce new record "Wilderness"

The Handsome Family's Wilderness out May 14th on Carrot Top Records!

Enter the dark forest of The Handsome Family and let the beautiful branches surround you.

Wild animals, tall tales, and dark stories from American history populate the lyrics of Wilderness. Appalachian holler, psychedelic rock, tin pan alley, and medieval music continue to inform The Handsome Family's unique brand of Americana, while their affinity for old-tyme ballads and clawhammer banjo has never sounded so seamlessly connected to their use of samples, loops, and sonic effects.

A companion book of original artwork and essays by Rennie Sparks, also titled Wilderness, will expand on the meticulously researched and little-known enigmas of the natural world explored on the album: immortal jellyfish, woodpecker tongues, dancing octopi, fly royalty, the secret language of crows, and mysterious ant spirals.

The album will be released on LP, CD, and as a deluxe LP box set on May 14th. More details on the deluxe LP release and the pre-order to come!

1 comment:

  1. Yes... That's it... Keep saying the words I want to hear... ;)

    Album sounds awesome! My wife and I love love loved Honeymoon so we're wicked (as they say in Maine) excited!

    Thank you Handsome Family and Carrot Top!


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