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Wednesday, February 20

PITCHFORK, NPR, KCRW offer accolades for Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's "What The Brothers Sang"

Well, looky!

Drag City are the proud parents of the newly birthed What The Brothers Sang on LP/CD by Dawn McCarthy & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.  Pitchfork has awarded this a 7.0 rating this very morn.

"Oldham hasn’t sounded quite so animated as he does on the cover of the Everlys’ cover of the Spencer Davis Group’s cover of Jackie Edwards’ 'Somebody Help Me', although even his invested, in-character vocals can’t quite sell the period piece 'Milk Train'. Every bit his equal, McCarthy thrives in this austere setting. Without the distractions of the Faun Fables’ Americana drama, she displays a remarkable range, belting like the Heart sisters one minute, sounding indistinguishable from Oldham the next."

"By recording a full album of Everly covers, Faun Fables’ Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy join a long line of musician-fans who've paid tribute. What the Brothers Sang isn’t their first collaboration. McCarthy played Oldham’s vocal foil on his 2006 album The Letting Go, and since then they’ve recorded an EP, Wai Notes, as well as a gently demented Christmas-themed seven-inch, Christmas Eve Can Kill You. Of all of Billy’s many female co-vocalists, few such an easy rapport with him as McCarthy. Many, including Cheyenne Marie Mize and Angel Olsen, counter Oldham’s studied detachment with a warm engagement, which worked well on Among the Gold and Wolfroy Goes to Town, respectively. But McCarthy can sound just as out there as Oldham himself; he voice is dry and husky, with a subtle expressiveness very much like his. Rather than churning the kind of sexual energy that has driven so many duos from Parton/Wagoner to the Civil Wars, theirs is more of a Platonic tension."

And it's not just Pitchfork that has taken notice ~ NPR have featured a stirring piece as well - 

"...it's a lovely, occasionally psychedelic, often breathtaking record. Oldham's voice has grown warmer and more precise over the years; he isn't afraid to sound pretty or to slip into reverb, and he's become a hell of a harmony singer, knowing just when to mirror and when to break off. The version of 'So Sad' is as poignant as the Everlys's original. 'Somebody Help Me' rocks like vintage Jefferson Airplane."

and not only that, but noted radio station KCRW are streaming said album RIGHT F'N NOW!

"Dawn and Will’s versions are gorgeous, distinctive and inspiring in their own right.  Performed alongside many of their frequent and regular collaborators on their own projects, they echo not only Don and Phi, but other great duet singers, particularly in the country idiom, such as Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons.  It’s a perfect way to revisit some classic tunes for modern times."

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