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Monday, March 18

AV Club posts videos of Low at saki

5 tracks from the upcoming Low album The Invisible Way (Sub Pop) and 2 Low classics were captured on film at our installment of "Off the Record: Low The Invisible Way" on March 7th, 2013. AV Club has been releasing the videos leading up to tomorrow's release date for The Invisible Way!

Below are the five that have been posted so far! Don't miss Low at the Metro this Friday, 3/22, and buy The Invisible Way tomorrow 3/19.

From The Invisible Way: "Holy Ghost," "On My Own," "Plastic Cup," "Waiting".

Low plays "Holy Ghost" live at Saki

Low plays "On My Own" live at Saki

Low plays "Plastic Cup" live at Saki

Low plays "Waiting" live at Saki

From I Could Live In Hope (1994): "Words"

Low plays "Words" live at Saki 

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