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Monday, March 18

New releases @ saki 3/19/13!

100 Flowers "S/T" LP
Aliment "Holy Slap" LP
Atoms For Peace "Judge Jury and Executioner" 12" single
Beach Beach "Tasteless Peace" LP
Black Pus "All My Relations" LP
R.L. Burnside "A Bothered Mind" LP
Califone "Heron King Blues" LP
Coathangers/Nu Sensae split 7"
Dinosaur Jr. "Now The Fall" 7"
Dope Body "Saturday" 7"
Dur-Dur Band "Volume 5" CD and LP
Ensemble Pearl "S/T" CD and LP
Fol Chen "False Alarms" CD and LP
Colleen Green "Sock It To Me" CD
Lee Hazlewood "Trouble Is A Lonesome Town" CD and LP
Daniel Higgs "Beyond and Between" LP
Isengrind, Natural Snow Buildings and Twinsistermoon "Snowbringer Cult" LPs
Jerusalem In My Heart "Mo7it al-Mo7it" CD and LP
Krallice "Years Past Matter" LP
Low "Invisible Way" CD and LP
Monotonix "Now" flexi disc
Obits "Refund" 7"
Om "Addis Dubplate" 12"
Palma Violets "180" CD and LP
Phosphorescent "Muchacho" CD and LP
Purling Hiss "Water On Mars" CD, LP and cassette
Marnie Stern "Chronicles of Marnia CD and LP
Stornoway "Tales from Terra Firma" CD and LP
Justin Timberlake "20/20 Experience" CD and LP
William Tyler "Impossible Truth" CD
Benjamin Von Wildenhaus "Great Melodies From Around" LP
Vulgar Fashion "S/T" 10"
Witch "Lazy Bones" and "Lukombo Vibes" LPs
Thalia Zedek Band "Via" LP

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