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Tuesday, March 12

Pan American "Cloud Room/Glass Room"

It's hard to believe that it's been roughly four years since we last heard from Mark Nelson, the supremely talented founding member of the seminal band Labradford. His new LP for the Kranky label, "Cloud Room/Glass Room", picks up where his last full-length "White Bird Release" left off; while earlier recordings like "For Waiting, For Chasing" and "The River Made No Sound" were predominantly electronic in nature, this outing is far warmer and more organic sounding by comparison. Even though some tracks are incredibly sparse, the atmospheres and textures here are supremely evocative and inviting, and Nelson is ably assisted by former Labradford bandmate Bobby Donne (on bass) and long-time collaborator Steven Hess's excellent percussion work; this is most evident on the incredible album closer "Virginia Waveform" - eight minutes of simmering tension that has to rank as one of Pan American's finest works.  "Cloud Room/Glass Room" will be available on LP/CD at saki on April 30th!!!

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