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Monday, March 25

saki University :: Expert French Press Tips

Fro of The Recylery and Ian from Gaslight Coffee Roasters
Yesterday we had our first installment of saki University, a free skillshare workshop. We teamed up with some of our favorite Chicago businesses Gaslight Coffee Roasters (Fullerton & Milwaukee) and The Recyclery. Huge thanks to Ian (Gaslight) and Fro (Recyclery)!!!

If you missed it, here's a lesson for you! We learned a bit about the factors that go into the perfect french press. Here are some EXPERT TIPS ON FRENCH PRESS.

• Water temperature should be between 195-205º. If you boil water, let it sit for 3-4 minutes after boiling.
• For french press a coarse grind of coffee is best
• 2 level tablespoons of course ground coffee per 6-8oz. of water.
• Pour water into french press, push the press up and down on top to make sure all the grounds are in contact with the water
• Let sit 4 minutes, then push press down slowly

Check out this expert video from Metropolis Coffee to get all these details in order!

Comment to let us know what other skill you'd like to see shared.

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