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Monday, March 25

Show Me The Jerrys!

We hope our event can live up to this poster Ryan Duggan made for us! Come to Show Me The Jerrys on April 6th and help us celebrate the donation of the 5,000th Jerry AND raise some money for the production of Everything Is Terrible's two new webseries!

It's going to be the silliest night of your life, with TVs playing Jerry Maguire in all sorts of ways you haven't seen before, a Jerry pop up shop, stand up comedy, some lovely music from the Jerry Maguire soundtrack, a formal presentation of the 5,000th Jerry and otherwise just lots and lots of RED.

We'd like to make it clear to everyone that Jay Mohr is NOT invited because he's a total jerk in that movie and who wants him around anyway, ya-know!?

More info here!

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