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Monday, April 15

New releases @ saki 4/16/13!

1939 Ensemble - Howl and Bite LP
V/A - Acid Mysterons Invade The Jackin' Zone: Chicago House Vol. 1 and 2 CD and LP (with graphic novel)
ADR - Chunky Monkey CD and LP
Anika - S/T CD EP
Aidan Baker - Already Drowning CD
Bardo Pond - Ticket Crystals LP
Barn Owl - V CD and LP
Bibio - Tout L'Heure 7"
Blank Realm - Go Easy CD and LP
Born Ruffians - Birthmarks LP
Catholic Spray - Earth Slime LP
Disappears - Kone 12" (20% off this week!)
Expo 70 - Virtually From The Unknown LP
The Feeling of Love - Reward Your Grace LP
The Flaming Lips - The Terror CD and LP (20% off this week!)
Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge - 12 Reasons To Die CD
David Grubbs - The Plain Where The Palace Stood CD and LP
Xander Harris - New Dark Age of Love LP
Heavy Hawaii - Goosebumps LP
Iron and Wine - Ghost on Ghost CD and LP (20% off this week!)
Jim Jam Gems Vol. 1 and 2 10"s
Harmony Korine - A Crackup at the Race Riots paperback book
Locust - You'll Be Safe Forever LP
Major Lazer - Free The Universe CD
Marquis de Tren and Bonny Billy - Solemns LP
Merzbow - Takahe Collage CD
Miles - Faint Hearted LP
John Parish - Screenplay LP
Rich Ristagno - What Would It Be Like To Be Rich
Frank Rosaly - Cicade Music CD
Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Two Weeks 10"
Micah Blue Smaldone - Ring of the Rise LP
Tiago Sousa - Samsara LP
Spacemen 3 - Performance (180 gr orange vinyl) LP
Tera Melos - X'ed Out LP
Thee Oh Sees - Floating Coffin LP
The Thermals - Desperate Ground CD and LP
Urinals - S/T, Sex, and Another EP 7"s
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mosquito CD and LP
Zomes - Time Was LP

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