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Tuesday, May 28

For all the Mazzy Star/Hope Sandoval fans out there...

We've been getting some terrific used records through saki as of late, and this most recent buy is no exception. It's been a pleasure to revisit Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions' "Bavarian Fruit Bread" -  never available on vinyl domestically - it's a moody, minimalist masterwork that easily ranks with her other band Mazzy Star's finest moments, and for those who enjoy Low, Mojave 3, and the like, this comes HIGHLY recommended. If you're interested in this item, act quickly, as it's not likely to be in stock very long...

1 comment:

  1. "Babarian Fruit Bread" is one of my favorite albums. Hope Sandoval's voice still intact. It is very transparent, her melancholy is captivating, mesmerizing and catch the listener.
    "Through the Devil Softly" That record has the same effect, is much denser (emotionally speaking) and also ethereal, the sadness turns special, takes another meaning and the anguish, becomes light.


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