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Wednesday, August 21

PITCHFORK 8.2 for Ty Segall's "Sleeper"

We-hey-hey-ell...check it.

Pitchfork.com has issued Drag City recording artist Ty Segall an 8.2 review for his new album (out on 08/20/13) entitled Sleeper on CDLP, and the format of young America, the Cassette.

"Gone is the brazen, screaming Segall behind Slaughterhouse, Melted, and Twins. Even the relatively sedate Goodbye Bread, with its exploding heads and angry California commercials, featured a more intense Segall than the one who made Sleeper. 'When I was making [Sleeper], I couldn't have written a loud, heavy song if somebody had paid me to,' he said. Instead, he picked up his acoustic guitar and made something that owes less to Sabbath and more to Tyrannosaurus Rex-era Marc Bolan or early Bert Jansch.

So after all his shrieking, shredding, and psychedelic freakouts last year, Sleeper offers a welcome sonic respite. It's easily his most stripped down effort to date, full of elegantly simple, catchy, well-crafted songs.

But even when he's switching things up on Sleeper, the album never feels as scatterbrained as his previous work. Goodbye Bread opened with a sing-songy ballad and went straight into a shout. Twins featured psychedelia and garage pop. Melted had acoustic-driven catchiness and blown-out fuzz. Those albums could pull off a scattershot of styles with well-placed transitions, but Sleeper is something else. Everything here easily lives in the same universe-- 10 tracks of similarly hued songs, all of a piece. It's his most focused album, with every song's tone easily flowing into the next, and it's also one of his best.

No Best New Music with an 8.2 rating?  Did that guy have the day off at Pitchfork or something? 

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