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Wednesday, August 21

WHAT. THE. HELL?!?!?!?!

My apologies to those who prefer blogs to be positive, happy, and an altogether re-rendering of the REM song "Shiny Happy People"....but since this is the neighborhood that I work in, drive through, and have a ton of close friends who live here....this is important.

As an automobile owner/driver, I typically wince whenever a cyclist is near my vehicle, if for nothing else, than fear of accidentally hitting them while in transit.  Call it a worst nightmare.  And sure, cyclists in Chicago, have (ahem) a long way to go in regards to following traffic rules that the rest of uf follow, but this takes the proverbial fucking cake - from dnainfo

LOGAN SQUARE — The cyclist who launched the Bike a Bee project to put beehives in community gardens was injured in Logan Square early Tuesday when a passenger in an SUV pulled alongside her, grabbed her messenger bag and pulled her down the road.

Jana Kinsman, 27, had been heading north on Kimball Avenue to check on a friend's cat in Albany Park just after midnight. As Kinsman passed Wrightwood Avenue, an SUV rushed her.

“A car pulled up really close next to me — this big maroon-purple Tahoe — and it was pushing me against the [parked] cars and I couldn’t do anything," Kinsman said. "I couldn’t brake or swerve. I was pinned between this moving car and this other car."

Someone reached from the rear passenger-side window, Kinsman said, and grabbed her messenger bag, which was slung across her back.

"I started screaming. I didn't know what else to do," said Kinsman, who said she's been cycling in Chicago for about six years. "I could hear them laughing like it was a game or something.”

After a few seconds, Kinsman's bike smacked into a parked car. The man lost his grip on Kinsman and she fell to the ground — hitting her hip hard before bouncing onto the left side of her body.

Let me state this plain/clear right now: IF YOU DID THIS, YOU'RE A DICK. If you think it's funny, YOU'RE A DICK. Seriously, c'mon Chicago. Do better. Be better.

A fundraiser page has been set up to help cover the costs of Jana's medical costs, etc. Please help out if you can!

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