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Tuesday, October 1

New Releases @ saki 10/1!!!

Advance Base "The World Is In A Bad Fix Everywhere" CD
Beat Happening "Jamboree" LP (re-issue)
Cosmic Psychos "Reissues" LP
Elf Power "Sunlight On The Moon" CD
Factory Floor "S/T" LP
Fuzz (feat. Ty Segall) "S/T" LP/CD
Hunters "S/T" CD/LP
Isis/Aerogramme "In The Fishtank" LP (re-issue)
Meat Puppets "Reissues" LP
Melt-Banana " Fetch" CD
Motorpsycho/Jaga Jazzist "In The Fishtank" LP (re-issue)
Oneohtrix Point Never "R Plus Seven" CD/LP
Poets Of Rhythm "Anthology 1992-2003" CD
Polvo "Siberia" CD
Quasi "Mole City" CD
Saint Rich "Beyond The Drone" LP/CD
Sensations Fix "Fragments Of Light" LP (reissue)
V/A "Air Texture III" CD (selections from Deadbeat + DJ Olive)

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