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Wednesday, October 2

saki newsletter 10/1/13!

You had four good reasons to come to saki this past weekend. We hope you made it out for at least one of them! Thanks to Darto and Radiant Republic, Nick Rouley, Goodrich Gevaart, and all the comics who performed for Freak Happening, Savage Sister, TALSounds, Week of Wonders and Hollow Boys! October will be a little lighter on the live music front so we're glad we could send out September with a bang!

To make up for the relative lack of in-stores this month we've got a good amount of funny comedy good times for you. We're kicking off this month with our first group art show! 'Comics Hangout' showcases fifteen local comic book artists. We'll have original comic strips, screen prints, art prints and comics and zines for sale! Join us on Friday at 7pm for the opening reception with complimentary food and drinks from saki and a live set by Joe and Otis!

On the 11th we have our first improv show ever at saki! Fear not,  jaded Chicagoans, we have chosen only the best and brightest improv teams for you. 'Dirty Cool Kids with Mommy Prison Tattoos' features sets from Pizza Party, Dirty $$$, and DMNK!

At 5pm on the 19th, we have our one big hurrah for live music at saki this month. We're celebrating Quasi's new record 'Mole City' with our Off The Record listening party for October! Quasi will be playing tunes from 'Mole City' and we'll have Touch and Go DJs and free food for everyone! We can't stress the free food part enough. Come eat the free food, people. It's good!

At MIDNIGHT on the 19th, or the 20th depending on how you want to look at it, we have another Once In A Lifetime comedy/movie night at Lincoln Hall! We'll be watching The Devil's Diary, which is a terrible lifetime movie about teen girls getting into black magic and witchcraft. Sounds awful right? It probably is! Natalie Jose, The Puterbaugh Sisters and Jeff Steinbrunner will be there to provide commentary and make it all a little less painful.

As always, there's more. Stay tuned for updates on all our events and sales. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook too!

Upcoming events:

Friday, October 4th @ 7pm

Opening reception of Comics Hangout - a comic art group show with musical guest, Joe and Otis! 

Friday, October 11th @ 7:30pm
Dirty Cool Kids with Mommy Prison Tattoos - an improv show!

Saturday, October 19th, 11:59pm (midnight show) @ Lincoln Hall 
saki and Everything Is Terrible present Once In A Lifetime: Devil's Diary!

Saturday, November 2nd @ 6pm 
Opening reception of 'Figure Art' by Nathan Vernau!

Tuesday, November 26th, 8pm @ Lincoln Hall 
saki and Everything Is Terrible present Once In A Lifetime: She's Too Young!

Wednesday, December 18th, 8pm @ Lincoln Hall 
saki and Everything Is Terrible present Once In A Lifetime: Co-Ed Call Girl!

New releases:

Don't forget about the weekly new release sale! You can get Ty Segall's Fuzz LP, and two new (to vinyl) In The Fishtank titles for 20% off this week!

Advance Base "The World Is In A Bad Fix Everywhere" CD
Beat Happening "Jamboree" LP (re-issue)
Cosmic Psychos "Reissues" LP
Elf Power "Sunlight On The Moon" CD
Factory Floor "S/T" LP
Fuzz (feat. Ty Segall) "S/T" LP/CD
Hunters "S/T" CD/LP
Isis/Aerogramme "In The Fishtank" LP (re-issue)
Meat Puppets "Reissues" LP
Melt-Banana " Fetch" CD
Motorpsycho/Jaga Jazzist "In The Fishtank" LP (re-issue)
Oneohtrix Point Never "R Plus Seven" CD/LP
Poets Of Rhythm "Anthology 1992-2003" CD
Polvo "Siberia" CD
Quasi "Mole City" CD
Saint Rich "Beyond The Drone" LP/CD
Sensations Fix "Fragments Of Light" LP (reissue)
V/A "Air Texture III" CD (selections from Deadbeat + DJ Olive)

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