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Tuesday, October 15

New Releases @ saki 10/15!!!

The Beets "Play Silver Nickels & Golden Dimes" 7"
Black Twig Pickers & Steve Gunn "Split" 7"
The Body "Christs, Redeemers" LP
Cave "Threace" LP/CD
The Clash "Re-issues" LP
Coathangers/Audacity "Split" 7"
The Dismemberment Plan "Uncanny Valley" LP
Molly Drake "S/T" LP (archival recordings of Nick Drake's mom!!!)
Mike Donovan "Wot" CD/LP
James Ferraro "NYC, Hell 3 A.M." CD
First Aid Kit "Drunken Trees" LP
Four Tet "Beautiful Rewind" LP/CD
Head & The Heart "Let's Be Still" CD/LP
Heavenly Beat "Prominence" LP
Tim Hecker "Virgins" LP/CD
Interbellum "This Was An Important Place..." CD
J.T. IV "Cosmic Lightning" LP
La Luz "It's Alive" LP
Lissie "Back To Forever" LP
Martha's Vineyard Ferries "Mass. Grave" CD/LP
Cass McCombs "Big Wheel & Others" CD
Cameron McGill "Gallows Etiquette" LP/CD
Men "Campfire Songs EP" 12"
Wymond Miles "Cut Yourself Free" CD/LP
Neo Boys "Sooner Or Later" CD/LP
New Sound Of Numbers "Invisible Magnetic" LP
David Novick "S/T" LP
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band "Take Me To The Land Of Hell" LP
Oozing Wound "Retrash" LP
Pinkcourtesyphone "Foley Folly Folio" LP
Residual Echoes "Middle Path" LP
Frederick Michael St. Jude "Here Am I" LP (Drag City re-issue)
Survival Knife "Divine Mob" 7"
Luke Temple "Good Mood Fool" CD/LP
Dean Wareham "Emancipated Hearts" CD
Wooden Wand & The World War IV "S/T" LP
Yuck "Glow & Behold" LP

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