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Tuesday, October 15

Tim Hecker "Virgins" Pitchfork Best New Music 8.3

Tim Hecker's new Kranky 2xLP/CD release, Virgins, received a whopping 8.3 Best New Music review on Pitchfork this very morn.

"Hecker’s music has always been eerie, but never this forceful. Some sections of Virgins feel like soundtracks for horror-movie climaxes when the camera fixes on a sickening image and refuses to turn away, fascinated and trapped at the same time. Even the album’s quieter moments are more tense than they might’ve been on Hecker’s earlier albums - a function, maybe, of a live-room environment where every creak and whisper seems to be happening a few feet from the speakers instead of at some artificially cavernous distance….Virgins feels possessed by the idea that no advancements in society or technology will ever shake our primal reactions to fear, wonder, awe and what in a more naïve era used to be called the sublime."

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