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Monday, February 16

Anne's Pick of the Week

Cloakroom - Further Out
This recently released album could not have come at a better time. As Chicago winter drudges along, and a lack of that oh-so-elusive vitamin D makes us all a little (or a lot) crazy, there is no better album to ease the sting of waking up to yet another negative sign in front of the number on your early-morning weather forecast than Further Out. Cloakroom makes it all feel okay. Their reverb-soaked vocals, heavy distorted bass, and ethereal guitar offer a friendly reminder that prettiness can exist within unexpected sounds and places. It somehow manages to be both heavy and loud while simultaneously soft and beautiful.

It's not entirely surprising that winter bleeds through these songs - they're based in northwest Indiana. They GET us, guys. So next time you feel entirely convinced that spring will never again be seen in Chicago, throw on this record. You'll be smiling (or at least not crying) in no time.

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