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Wednesday, June 10

Jake's Pick of the Week: Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool?

We Cool? sounds like the album that Bomb the Music Industry! would have made after Vacation. Simply put, it’s the next logical step in progression following their 2011 swan song. There’s a fair deal of experimentation, including the alt-country of “Beers Again Alone” and the harmonica ballad “All Blissed Out”. However, during other parts of the record Jeff just sticks to what he knows well, and in the process creates some of the best songs he’s ever written. Energy was the primary foundation behind Bomb the Music Industry!, and the frenetic, speedy pace of tracks like “You, in Weird Cities” and “Hey Allison!” are filled with the same wild spirit that he’s rocked for the past ten years.  Catchy and catchier on repeat listens.

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