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Friday, September 4

saki newsletter 9/4/15!

Since this is still a fairly new thing, we want to remind you all that we are currently CLOSED on Mondays. Our friends at CTD and Carrot Top Records will still be in the office, so if you need to see them on a Monday, just ring the doorbell and someone will come up to help you. 

Sorry for any inconvenience this change may cause! If it really is a problem for you, just get in touch with us and we may change our hours back in the future. 

This weekend we've got another incredible in-store with Dave Segedy of Bloomington's 'slacker' rock powerhouse, Sleeping Bag (who played here on RSD)! Dave will be playing a solo set this time around. You should check out his solo cassette Schrodego on Jurassic Pop if you haven't already. It's a really cool mix of the sludgy pop-rock that we know and love from Sleeping Bag, plus some solo percussion excursions. Dave's Jurassic Pop label-mates, not to mention one of our favorite local bands, Varsity will be playing as well!

Here's a few things we were yammering about on Instagram, etc. this week:

It took FOR-EV-ER but we finally got copies of the latest Pile record in stock, plus some other recent Exploding In Sound gems and restocks!

 The Reader shared the first song from Slow Mass and we're lovin' it. Look our for an in-store in the next few months! 

My Old Kentucky Blog shared some new songs from Santah's forthcoming sophomore LP, Chico! We put out the You're Still A Lover EP a few years ago. We still have copies and we highly recommend it!

 We still have a handful of these Calvin Johnson mixtapes left! These things are made from Calvin's personal collection and every dang one of 'em is a lesson in music history from the hits to some lesser known gems. We can't recommend them enough!

 We're re-upping our zine game. First one is Dirty Art, a collection of photography focused on graffiti art.

Still jamming on these Maximum Pelt new arrivals from last week!

Upcoming events:

Saturday, September 5th @ 4pm
In-store with Dave Segedy (Sleeping Bag) and Varsity!

New releases:

Ancient Sky - All Get Out LP

Ancient Sky - Castle 7"
Lou Barlow - Brace The Wave CD and LP
Bass Communion/Freiband - split 12"
Beta Band - Champion Versions 12" EP
Beta Band - Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos 12" EP
Beta Band - Patty Patty Sound 12" EP
Blanche Blanche Blanche - Breaking Mirrors LP
Blind Shake - Live In San Francisco LP
Casual - S/T LP
Caves - Leaving LP
Constant Insult - S/T LP and cassette
Diane Coffee - Everybody's A Good Dog
Fidlar - Too LP
Get Bent - Discography CD and LP
Good Willsmith - Snake Person Generation cassette
Helen (feat. Liz Harris of Grouper) - The Original Faces CD and LP
Hemingers - What's A Heminger 7" EP
Jerusalem In My Heart - If He Dies, If If If If If If CD and LP
Mars - Mars Archive Vol. 1: China To Mars LP
Mewithoutyou - Pale Horses LP
Kevin Morby - Moonshiner 7"
Natural Snow Buildings - Terror's Horns CD and LP
Neurosis - Through Silver In Blood LP
Neurosis - Times of Grace LP
Red Mass - Untitled 7"
Savant - Artificial Dance CD and LP
Al Scorch/David Dondero - split 7"
Joan Shelley - Over and Even LP
TALSounds - All The Way cassette
Ukiah Drag - Crypt Cruiser 12" EP
Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats - Night Creeper LP
Unwound - Empire LP box
Vacation - The Do Shit Wax 10"
Michael Vallera - Distance LP
Widowspeak - All Yours LP
Woolen Men - Temporary Monument LP

Staff Picks:

Anna's Pick of the Week: Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi-Love

I’m sure all you savvy music-nerds reading this have already listened to and formulated your opinion of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s 3rd album when it came out in May. I’m late to the party, so what?

It’s upbeat and bright with tight beats and slightly goofy synth and voice modulations. Definitely pulling from both psychedelia and disco. It starts out with a bang, track one, “Multi-Love” and carries that energy for the first few tracks, then gets a little more soulful midway, and kicks in track 7 with another ear with, with Stage and Screen that has a lyrical swagger of Stevie wonder. A fun, if not slightly weird, record.

p.s. if you don't listen to the podcast Song Exploder, it's awesome. Short shows interviewing musicians on how they created a song of theirs. Check out UMO's Multi-Love show!

Adam's Pick of the Week: Caves - Leaving

In the past few years I've found myself in this odd conundrum where I really like some of the new pop punk bands cropping up, but I'm also a 31-year-old man. When I heard Caves, I didn't question it at all. This is awesome!
Caves are a Bristol, UK band that sound like their main influences are New Jersey bands from the early aughts. It's all straight forward, energetic pop-punk with lots of woah-oh-oh's and pick slides.
If you're younger than 25 you'll think it's the greatest thing you've ever heard. If you're closer to my age you'll be slightly ashamed by how much you like it.

Justin's Pick of the Week: Fidlar - Too

Did you like FIDLAR's previous self-titled full-length? You'll probably like this too. This band hasn't changed much, which is probably for the better. It would be weird if these guys grew up. The production is glossier this time around and adds to the band's muscle without taking away their edge. The hooks are catchy as hell, the lyrics are nihilistic and shallow, and it's all ultimately forgettable. This is music for drinking malt liquor on porches in the dead heat of summer, and it will likely fade from memory as soon as jacket weather rolls around, but it'll do for the time being.

Ticket giveaways: 

Buy a release from any band playing an upcoming Empty Bottle, Schubas or Lincoln Hall show and we can add you to the guest list. Stop in or give us a call! Keep an eye out for announcements for eligible Metro, Constellation, and Bottom Lounge shows too!

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