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Sunday, February 1

Goodbye Annoying Screenshot PNG Files

A few years ago, the Wizard of Cupertino decided that all Leopard screenshots would be PNG files, which really confuse a lot of other computers. If you want to set your default screenshot format to a handier format, just do the following:
  • Go to Applications>Utilities>Terminal (Yes, I know this can be scary. It will be OK. Promise.)
  • Copy the following text and paste it into Terminal:
  • defaults write com.apple.screencapture type
  • BEFORE you hit return also type in the format you desire: jpg, pdf, tiff, injectionmoldedplastic, etc.
  • Thus a command to set the default to PDF would then read:
  • defaults write com.apple.screencapture type pdf
  • Now hit return and restart your computer. Voila!
And the injectionmoldedplastic thing is a joke, or at least it doesn't seem to work on my MacBook Pro.

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