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Monday, February 2

New Model Advertising

While I'm not a fan of Tyler's new advertising model for outgoing voicemail messages—what? you want to make them even more annoying?!, it did get me to thinking. This week we received a watermarked promotional copy of the new Bonnie Prince Billie CD from the sometimes perplexing but lovable people at Drag City. In an attempt to head off the typical MP3 piracy of a highly visible release that usually starts almost as soon as promos go out in the mail to press and radio, which is usually about three months before the street date, the watermarking was achieved with audio drop-ins sprinkled liberally throughout each song. 

While humorous the first time through, I have to think that it will have the desired effect. As much as I love listening to Rian Murphy talk, having him appear like a gopher five or six times in the middle of an enthralling song does put a damper on the musical swoon. On the other hand, I think MP3s sound terrible and was certain the iPod would flop. 

So on that 60% chance that I'm wrong, let's tie this back with Tyler. I'm wondering if this watermarking couldn't have been sold for ad space? It's about the same as the ads you see popping up in streamed web content, so why not? Will's singing an earnest song about My Life's Work, and  I'll be damned if a 10 second Snapple, Viagra, or Posturepedic commercial doesn't drop in right there. Well, it doesn't, but why not? Would it be any more or less annoying if done as creatively as DC's work? Maybe Rian would be in line for some serious voice-over work and pretty soon everybody's making a little money again.

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