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Wednesday, February 20

Carrot Top Records News: New Handsome Family shows & album, Speck Mountain on KEXP, Antietam plays NY show

The Handsome Family
If you missed the exciting information on the Handsome Family's upcoming album Wilderness (May 14th, Carrot Top Records), you can read the juicy details here!

Additionally, the Handsome Family has announced a few new shows. A full set of east coast and midwest dates for June & July will be announced shortly. In the meantime, we've got two new Albuquerque shows and one Chicago show at the Pritzker Pavillion in Millenium Park! Full details of current announced UK and US dates can always be found on our website.

Speck Mountain
KEXP claims Badwater as their "Song of the Day" today! They have been spinning 5 or 6 tracks from Speck Mountain's January album Badwater rather consistently and we love their support!! They call the title track "a soulful slow burn...a gorgeous tune that unfolds deeper and deeper without wearing out its welcome."

We got a lovely little note from our friends at Antietam HQ about an upcoming show!
In short, there will be a show on Saturday, March 2nd at Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn with PGSix (Drag City) and Ma'am (Lyle Hysen, Rebecca Odes, Charles Gansa). We've been promised at least half a set of new Antietam songs! Additionally, this show is formatted so that it is perfectly acceptable to leave at anytime, have a cigarette, get coffee, breathe fresh air, and come back inside. Anytime you show up between 9 and midnight there will be music going on and you will not feel pressured to remain in one place the entire time.

But because nothing is "in short" with our favorite Antietams, the background of this show format and further details of "the Jimmy Principle" lie after the jump.

"We met an actor named Jimmy. Jimmy has a problem. His problem is that he can't agree to be anywhere at a certain time, to sit in a seat for a certain designated period. His mind just doesn't work that way. So he can't go to his own premieres. He really can't go to the movies at all, unless he just wanders through in the middle of it. We didn't really go into auditions or shooting schedules, but I guess he's figured that out because he's been in quite a few films.

In honor of what we like to call "the Jimmy Principle," we present an evening of music at Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn, where you don't have to pay a cover or get past the velvet rope. You can leave at anytime and get a breath of fresh air, have a cigarette, a coffee, and come back in, with impunity. Anytime you show up or come back between 9 and midnight, there will be some music going on.

Saturday, March 2, Hank's Saloon, Brooklyn

The schedule runs like this:
9pm  Drag City recording artist Pat Gubler of PGSix performing a set by himself

10pm  Ma'am, the excellent new band featuring the Rebecca Odes, Lyle Hysen, and Charles Gansa, all three formerly of a plethora of great bands

11pm Antietam, that's us doing at least half a set of new songs and some from Tenth Life, our latest

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