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Tuesday, March 3

Robyn's Pick of the Week: Rat Columns' Sceptre Hole

March in Chicago means that my S.A.D is maybe starting to fade away, but still all I want to do is hang out in my cave of a bedroom with a tub of green bean casserole, a well-stocked Steam library, and this record. While the songs on Sceptre Hole can be described as dour and/or bittersweet, Mess + Noise puts it best by adding that “the opening 'Eastern Vibrations' has a heavy, almost Italian psych-horror vibe going on, with spaced-out vocals amidst a slow, drone-y fog…something that Umberto of Expo 70 would be into, but then it jumps into the bouncy 'Death is Leaving Me', which sounds like it wouldn't be out of place on a Sarah records compilation. Indeed, UK indie pop of the ’80s and early ’90s has a strong presence on songs such as 'Flowers' and 'Opaque Eyes'. 'Spectres in the Hall' is just that: a drum machine- and synth-propelled instrumental that pushes a spookier, colder take.” All in all, it’s a great soundtrack for doing sad-girl winter things like: scrubbing the salt off my winter boots with my tears, emailing my father, or weighing myself after ordering $45 worth of Thai food on Grubhub. ACK! - Robyn

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